Thursday, June 16, 2011

Delicious Pustules

My OFCC Nurgle themed Warriors of Chaos army is now painted!  I have a few minor finishing touches to do but otherwise it's ready for the tournament.

The list has changed quite a bit since my original post.  The primary change being that OFCC chose to go with 2000 point lists rather than the 2500 we had originally assumed.

I dropped the sorcerer as I did not want to take a Lord level wizard and the level two just wasn't worth the points.  I prefer the close combat phase anyway so his points just went towards more killiness.

My original idea behind the army was adhering to Nurgle's sacred number as much as possible.  Thanks to the aid of my friends Darron and John I was able to meet this beyond what I had even planned.  Each unit that can realistically be a multiple of seven is so (when characters are included) and the total number of units is seven!  It's glorious!

Here is a pic and the final list:

2000 Pts - Warriors of Chaos Roster - Delicious Pustules

Heretus Scabgrabber, Exalted Hero of Nurgle, 161 pts (Gen; MoN; Sh)
    Chaos Steed
    Warrior Bane
    Favour of the Gods

Argen the Poxed, Exalted Hero of Nurlge BSB, 175 pts (MoN; BSB)
    Charmed Shield
    Talisman of Protection

Excretus Purulence, Exalted Hero of Nugle, 160 pts (MoN; Sh)
    Glaive of Putrefaction

Heretus' Guardians , 6 Chaos Knights of Nurlge, 300 pts (MoN; Mus; Std)

Leprous Invaders, 20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, 388 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Sh)
    Rupturous Standard

Rotted Legionnaires, 20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, 368 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Sh)

Puss Gobblers, 21 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle, 147 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Flail)

Unwashed Ones, 14 Chaos Marauders, 82 pts (Mus; Std; Flail)

Canker of the Great Father, Chaos Spawn of Nurgle, 85 pts (MoN)

Mar on the Countryside, Chaos Warshrine, 130 pts

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Cristin said...

Are there any other kind of pustules?? just wondering. Your army looks amazing, you did an excellent job of painting them.