Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Goals Update

I've gotten numerous small items off my goals list.
  • Got my workbench cleaned up.
  • My "junk" pile has been gone through, culled and better contained.
  • I got several more wishlist games added to my collection last month.
  • Played a few more games in my collection that needed one.  This one is going to get tougher and as time goes on I feel more and more that I won't be able to accomplish it.  But it's having the needed effect regardless
  • Started playing in Glen's Traveler adventure which has been fun so far.
  • I'm not making very good progress on my Nurgle army and that is going to have to change very soon.
  • I haven't been getting in quite enough gaming with my kids but I'm gonna work on that some more.
  • I did get most of my game collection rated and commented on BGG though there is still work to do.
  • I wrote one review for BGG and while I plan to write more I think one a month is a far more reasonable and obtainable goal for me than one a week.  Plus I need to rethink how I write reviews as this last one I wrote caused an annoying shit storm of comments that I would rather not have repeated.

One of the problems with my goals is that in some cases they are situational.  I knew this was going to happen as the year went on that I was going to become less interested in trying to accomplish some of my goals (such as HOTT armies/basing for my LOTR figs) and others get added.  It's odd because while I want to accomplish the goal it does really require me to have enough interest to motivate the actual work.  Honestly I think it's why goals have never really worked well for me, my interests are too dynamic.  If the goal isn't something I can accomplish within the time frame of that momentary passion then it just get's put off.

Despite this though i think the goals list is still a good idea.  It reminds me of the things that I would like to get done "some day" if nothing else.  Certainly this year the goal list has done a good job of keeping me more motivated than in the past with my gaming in general if not necessarily with the specific line item goals themselves and that alone makes it a worthy exercise.