Monday, February 21, 2011

WHFB Tournament

Sunday was our bi-monthly Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition tournament at Ancient Wonders.

It was a three round, Swiss pairing tournament at 1250 points with unique scenarios.  We had nine players:

Me: Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle themed)
Jeremy: Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch themed)
John: Wood Elves
Neil: Orcs & Goblins
Tom: High Elves
Jimmy: Vampire Counts
Josh: Skaven
Josh (Hanz & Franz): Empire
Nick: High Elves (Nippon themed)

Round One
Scenario: Mist shrouded magic woods.
   The entire table was wooded except a single road bisecting the table from player to player.  It was also shrouded in a fog which forced a visibility check for each unit each turn of 3xArtillery die.  If you rolled a misfire any movement would result in a dangerous terrain check with a wound on a 1-2.

Objective: Have the most units in your opponents deployment zone.

Opponent: Neil, Orcs & Goblins

Result: Tied on scenario points with both of us having two units in each others deployment zone.  However I won the game on the tie breaker of victory points having wiped out all of his army except his Trolls (which went off board to score), a Rock Lobba' and a Spear Chukka' having lost only my Marauders (for VP purposes).

Round Two
Scenario: Capture the treasure.
    Each player placed three tokens representing treasure.  You had to charge the token to collect the treasure.  When collecting a treasure the first time you had to roll to ensure it wasn't booby trapped.  Rolling a 1 cased a small template S6 explosion on the unit.

Objective: Player with the most treasure at the end of 8 turns wins.

Opponent: John, Wood Elves

Result: After a lot of beating the crap out of each other I managed to collect all six treasures.  It was a real knock down drag out however with John putting in the effort to at least force a draw if he could making the game tense right till the end.

Round Three
Scenario: Kill the opponents banner bearers and general.
   For each banner you collected during the game you got battle points.  Bonus points were awarded for the enemy BSB and General if you killed them.

Objective: Get the most banners and kill the enemy BSB and General.

Opponent: Jeremy, Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch)

Result: Jeremy's army had his BSB and his General in a unit with it's own banner also, representing more potential battle points then he could get from me since I had only four unit banners and my general.  While he did kill my general and we traded banners on a pair of other units, me running down this unit at the bottom of turn two represented a loss for him with little hope of even a draw (thanks to the bonus points from the BSB for me).

Tournament Result
1. Me
2. John
3. Jeremy

This was one of the best tournaments I've played in because no one (that I noticed anyway) was a tool.
The scenarios were interesting and made for unique experiences.  Oh and also, I won!  ;-P

Seriously though this was the first time at a tournament for me where there wasn't a player I was worried about facing.  Tournaments have always been hard for me because of dealing with players outside of my normal group.  Whenever there are new players that I've never face before at a tournament I get a bit anxious.  While I didn't end up facing any of the new players I wouldn't have hesitated to do so as they seemed like decent enough guys.  Alas this hasn't always been the case with our tournaments.

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