Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's All Mark's Fault

Mark just had to let me know about the controversy over FFG's license loss with Blizzard.  Had he not clued me into the goings on I probably would not have heard about it until after the remaining stock was already gone.

So I gave in to the pressure.  The idea that a decent game that I've enjoyed in the past and lamented it's departure from my collection would be going OOP forever was just too much to bear.

So I broke down and purchased World of Warcraft: The Boardgame and the Shadow of War expansion (again).  Honestly I'm glad I did it.  I just know that sooner or later I would end up wanting the game again enough to try to purchase it only to find that the only copies available are used with asking prices well beyond what I'd be interested in paying.

Now I just need to add the Burning Crusade expansion to my library also.

Thanks a lot Mark, it's all your fault!


Cristin said...

Yeah...thanks a lot MARK! Actually, really, thanks. Because Larry HAD to get it, we had a chance to go eat at Dave's BBQ, it was totally worth the expense of the game to have an excuse to eat without our kids.

Mark said...

LMAO, You're both very welcome. And Larry, I having never bought or played it, am now wondering on what I'm missing out on. Anything that could cause a person to buy the game twice must be good! Perhaps you'll have to enlighten me so that when I pay 2-3 times that down the road, I too can then say "It's YOUR FAULT!"

- Mark

Larry said...

Actually I'm a psychology students wet dream when it come to behavioral studies.

Games are like fetish properties for me. You've seen my collection list. I own stuff I've never even played as pathetic as that might seem. And yet I don't regret having them (heck maybe someday I'll even get to play them). In fact my biggest regrets come when I finally get rid of a game somehow.

Cristin said...

Yeah...he's crazy.