Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goals Update

I figured a good way to keep up on my goals is to do periodic updates.  Right now I'm thinking I will update after the end of each month.  I may do additional updates when/if I complete larger scale goals.

So here are the things that I completed or made progress on in January.  Note that things I have done nothing with I'm removing for the updates.

General Hobby Stuff

  • Get my new game table mats cut to size - DONE
  • NEW: I got a taller, rolling workbench and some cabinets from my parents who are moving and so I'm going to be rearranging my gaming room to utilize these new items (hopefully).  I plan on photographing this process for posting here.

General Gaming
  • Get in at least one board game and one table top miniature game a week with my son Jackson.
     I've gotten in several board games with Jackson but this past week marked the first time we would have been able to get a miniatures game in (now that my table mats have been cut to size).  We were going to get in a game yesterday but it didn't work out.  This week I think we will cover both.

  • More solo gaming to fill the void
    This has actually been working out pretty well.  I've played several solo games of Labyrinth and Runebound and I have Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm on their way to me which will mean even more solo play.

  • Work with George to build a BGG guild for Ancient Wonders 
   The guild has been created and is simply waiting on a Geek Mod to approve it.


  • Participate in Glen's Traveler and Pathfinder games.
   This should be happening here very soon.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Hopefully the groups will not be full of power gamers like in the past.  Why do so many people get into roleplaying and only care about the math in the books?  It's called ROLE PLAYING for a reason.

  • Keep up with WFRP 3rd ed. releases.
   This is going to be tough this year.  With the release of the base line books as an alternate product to the main box starter set there is a whole slew of products out of the gate.  Right now I'm going to hold off on the new Player and Game Master Guides & Vaults and get only the Creature Guide, Creature Vault and  The Witch's Song adventure pack.  I will pick up the other guides and vaults eventually, if for no other reason than to have enough components for larger groups and the convenience of the hard back guides.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Finish basing my Nurgle Warriors of Chaos, get them primed and start painting.
   This is going fairly slowly.  As mentioned above, I've gotten a new workbench and some new cabinets and so my game room is going to be rearranged which will push this back some more.

Board Gaming
  • Get at least one play in this year for each game I own.
   This is going really well with 16 different games played from my collection in January.  There will be games that will be a serious challenge to get a play in but even if I don't manage to do so for every game in my collection, trying to do it is the worthy part.

   This is also going pretty well.  I don't think I've missed one in the past several weeks.  I am not bothering with play length right now and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.  Time will tell.

  • Rate and comment on every game in my collection. 
   Slow going here.  I do want to get this done however as I want it complete so I can take on the next goal which I'm adding:

  • NEW: Write a review for every game in my collection, with one created each week.
   I have reviews written for four of my games already and have started to establish a format.  However I will be adjusting as time goes on to try to find the sweet spot for my reviews in terms of content and length.

  • Add at least one game from my wishlist to my collection each month.
  I managed to add several wishlist games to my collection in January and already have three added in February also.

  • Make it to board game night at Ancient Wonders at least once a month.
   So far so good.  Made it to one in January and I'm going tonight so February is covered.  Honestly I enjoy gaming at AW generally speaking and it would be very easy for me to commit to a majority of times if it weren't for the drive.  It's about a 45 minute drive (without traffic) one way and so it can be a bit frustrating sometimes.  Usually if I'm not going this is the reason why.

That's the update so far.  As I said I will do a new update at the beginning of each month to recap my progress in the prior month.  Also if I do anything major goal wise I will post more frequently.

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Cristin said...

It's nice seeing the updates and noticing that you are accomplishing some of your goals.