Monday, February 21, 2011

WHFB Tournament

Sunday was our bi-monthly Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition tournament at Ancient Wonders.

It was a three round, Swiss pairing tournament at 1250 points with unique scenarios.  We had nine players:

Me: Warriors of Chaos (Nurgle themed)
Jeremy: Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch themed)
John: Wood Elves
Neil: Orcs & Goblins
Tom: High Elves
Jimmy: Vampire Counts
Josh: Skaven
Josh (Hanz & Franz): Empire
Nick: High Elves (Nippon themed)

Round One
Scenario: Mist shrouded magic woods.
   The entire table was wooded except a single road bisecting the table from player to player.  It was also shrouded in a fog which forced a visibility check for each unit each turn of 3xArtillery die.  If you rolled a misfire any movement would result in a dangerous terrain check with a wound on a 1-2.

Objective: Have the most units in your opponents deployment zone.

Opponent: Neil, Orcs & Goblins

Result: Tied on scenario points with both of us having two units in each others deployment zone.  However I won the game on the tie breaker of victory points having wiped out all of his army except his Trolls (which went off board to score), a Rock Lobba' and a Spear Chukka' having lost only my Marauders (for VP purposes).

Round Two
Scenario: Capture the treasure.
    Each player placed three tokens representing treasure.  You had to charge the token to collect the treasure.  When collecting a treasure the first time you had to roll to ensure it wasn't booby trapped.  Rolling a 1 cased a small template S6 explosion on the unit.

Objective: Player with the most treasure at the end of 8 turns wins.

Opponent: John, Wood Elves

Result: After a lot of beating the crap out of each other I managed to collect all six treasures.  It was a real knock down drag out however with John putting in the effort to at least force a draw if he could making the game tense right till the end.

Round Three
Scenario: Kill the opponents banner bearers and general.
   For each banner you collected during the game you got battle points.  Bonus points were awarded for the enemy BSB and General if you killed them.

Objective: Get the most banners and kill the enemy BSB and General.

Opponent: Jeremy, Warriors of Chaos (Tzeentch)

Result: Jeremy's army had his BSB and his General in a unit with it's own banner also, representing more potential battle points then he could get from me since I had only four unit banners and my general.  While he did kill my general and we traded banners on a pair of other units, me running down this unit at the bottom of turn two represented a loss for him with little hope of even a draw (thanks to the bonus points from the BSB for me).

Tournament Result
1. Me
2. John
3. Jeremy

This was one of the best tournaments I've played in because no one (that I noticed anyway) was a tool.
The scenarios were interesting and made for unique experiences.  Oh and also, I won!  ;-P

Seriously though this was the first time at a tournament for me where there wasn't a player I was worried about facing.  Tournaments have always been hard for me because of dealing with players outside of my normal group.  Whenever there are new players that I've never face before at a tournament I get a bit anxious.  While I didn't end up facing any of the new players I wouldn't have hesitated to do so as they seemed like decent enough guys.  Alas this hasn't always been the case with our tournaments.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Present and Future of Warhammer Fantasy Battle

There was a great deal of discussion last night at my FLGS regarding the state and future of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Games Workshops handling of that game.

Currently WHFB is in it's 8th edition which was just released late last year.  Since that time we've all been trying to get to grips with the radical changes in the game.  Some of the changes we love, some of them we hate.  We don't all always agree on what changes are good or bad but for the most part I think our group is on the same page.  I plan on writing an article about the rules changes at some point, but beyond even the systems problems themselves lies a greater problem.

Army books.  The army books provide the special rules, statistics and points costs for the units that make up that force and it is a necessary part of WHFB.

The problem manifests itself in that GW is very slow about updating these books.  In fact several army books are two editions old, written for a game system that is completely different than what is available today.  To make matters worse, since the release of 8th edition, not a single army book has been released.  We expect to get the first, Orcs & Goblins, sometime in the next month or so.  This has been a cause of serious frustration and it's unlikely to end anytime soon.

In years past GW was pretty good about cycling through the different game systems for updates.  So one month might see the release of book for their Lord of the Rings system, the next 40k and then next Fantasy and so on.  But in the past few years GW has focused more and more on 40k.  Worse still, even in 40k there are armies without an updated book for it's current edition (5th), such as Necrons, because GW tends to focus on the most popular army in that game, Space Marines.  Since WHFB 8th editions release there has been three releases, all for 40k, and two of them Space Marine related.

Couple this with some of the more drastic (and largely disliked) rules changes in 8th edition and even the most stoic WHFB supporters are jumping ship.  The group responsible for Podhammer, a famous (infamous?) podcast dedicated to WHFB, has moved to other games.

This was a topic of discussion for us as well.  Personally I have mixed feeling about WHFB.  On the one hand I have loved the game for many years.  But I've grown tired of the treadmill also.  Yet right now, the treadmill is nowhere to be found, at least in terms of army book releases.  It's almost worse!  At some point though you have to make the decision, keep on with the status quo and be at the mercy of the publisher.  Or finally say enough and find a spot that works for your group.  I'm hoping that my group does one of two things.  Either give up on WHFB as a game system (note not the Warhammer universe) and replace it with a gamer-friendly system such as Armies of Arcana or go back to an edition of WHFB that we all like and already have books for such as 6th or 7th.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nightfall at Ancient Wonders

Monday night board gaming at AW consisted of us playing the stores shiny new promo copy of Nightfall and new deck building game from AEG.

I normally don't do reviews of games I haven't played many times and don't own, but I made an exception in this case.  This review was originally posted to Board Game Geek.

While I'm sure I'll end up playing Nightfall again (others in my group like it) I know it won't change my outlook about it.

1. Theme -
If there is one single thing that I can point to that best covers the reason why I don't like this game, theme is it. As I have mentioned in my other reviews, theme is very important to me. Even in cases where the theme is really just a tacked on framework for a Euro math problem it's important because it gives my imagination the seed to work with during game play. I much prefer games with lots of theme (Arkham Horror for example).

This game has a pretty heavy theme and AEG has done a good job of trying to put the cards into that theme. The art is really good. The names and flavor text are only so-so but they get the job done.

But I'm giving the game no stars for theme for one very simple reason. I hate the theme they selected. Vampires? Werewolves? Really? Hoping to tap into the Twilight fad are we AEG?

I hate vampires. Hate them. They are a horrible horror genre. Werewolves are ok but they too have been done to death.

This alone will keep me from ever being interested in playing this game let alone buying it.

2. Components -
The cards seemed to be of good quality (keep in mind that the game I played was using my FLGS' promo copy). The box however was the best part. Very well constructed and best of all small. I'll confess to having something of a box fetish and while I've never had a problem with large game boxes there are times when a box is way larger than it needs to be for no good reason. In this case the box is big enough for the base game with some apparent room for future expansions while still being compact.

3. Rules -
I'm probably being a bit unfair here since I didn't actually read the rules myself. Also given that this was our first game we all knew we were going to get stuff wrong. However several mechanics got messed up multiple times with numerous reads for them and that gave me the impression that the rules were not written well enough to get the point across after the first couple of reads.

To be truly fair though there wasn't anything that really stood out to me as bad about the rules other than the confusion I've mentioned and that could easily be chalked up to the players themselves.

4. Gameplay -
Nightfall has a couple of interesting mechanics and a few that I didn't like.

Like Dominion, Nightfall has a "village" of cards that you can buy from. But rather than a simple randomizer deck to determine what cards are available the village is partially drafted. Also each player gets to draft two cards whose stacks only they can buy from (with some exceptions). I found this mechanic to be very cool and I think would make a great variant idea for Dominion.

Unlike other games of this type, cards come into play via a play chain started by the currently active player. You can play as many cards as you like onto the chain so long as you are meeting the chaining requirements (handled by colored moons on the upper left hand corner of the card). Once everyone has had an opportunity to play onto the chain the cards are then resolved in reverse order.

This mechanic is both interesting and annoying. At first I felt that it had been put into the game simply to set it apart rather than as a good idea. After some play though I can see how it can create some very interesting combos and chaining effects and it certainly is a novel method of getting cards into play. It also helps to keep players involved in the game even when they are not the active player.

But I disliked that the chaining was done using color matching. I personally am only partially color blind and really only have a problem with colors which are too similar. While I had no problem discerning the colors on the cards one of our other regulars Mark is green-red color blind and had a hell of a time with any cards using either of those.
 It also meant that you could end up without the chance to play a card onto the chain simply because you lack the color needed to add to the chain. Added to this the player starter decks have only a single color for chaining (all other cards have two) and in some cases you wouldn't want to play any of the cards onto a chain other than your own anyway. This made the game seem very very slow to get moving. To be fair however this was our first game and we were all feeling our way along so this could easily be just a failure of analysis on our parts.

One of the things that I think is a shortcoming for other deck building games is the lack of direct player interaction as a core mechanic. Nightfall flat out requires you to attack your fellow players if you have creatures in play. But then at the end of your turn all your creatures (again with a few exceptions) get discarded which I found annoying. Creatures are already able to take damage from attacks so the only reason I could think of to force us to discard them was to keep the cards cycling in your deck.

Victory Condition
The winner is the person who took the least wounds from combat during the course of the game. Wounds are tracked using special wound cards that form their own deck and this deck is the game timer. Once all the wound cards are gone the game is over.

What's cool about the wound cards is, while they go into your deck, they aren't a play detriment like Dominions VP cards. Not only can you discard wound cards from your hand to draw additional cards (only at the end of your turn) but you can also trash them from your deck with card effects adding another interesting dynamic.

Nightfall as a deck building game is not bad. It brings some interesting new mechanics to the genre. The card chain and the forced combat mean you will be interacting with your opponents which is something this game type needed.

For me though I just can't get past the theme. I know many others will love it and I would say that if you do like the theme and you like deck building games Nightfall is probably going to be great for you.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Game Room Rearranged

Well I finally got the rearranging of my game room complete.  Here are a few pics:

My new cabinets hold the games better.  The old cabinet (large on the right) does better as terrain keeper.

My gaming table.
My Wall O' Minis (Yes I know, most of them aren't painted. blah blah blah)

My desk and new workbench.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Minor Goal Update

My goal of adding a game from my wishlist to my collection each month has been achieved for February.

Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm finally got to me yesterday after a serious delay in delivery due to the huge storm across the country.

Both of these games are also very solo friendly which is a big part of why I ordered them now.

Also I'm nearly complete with rearranging my gaming room.  I didn't end up taking pictures of the process because A) I forgot at the beginning and B) pictures of random piles of crap really doesn't make much sense.  I will post a picture of the finished room though (as if you'd care).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's All Mark's Fault

Mark just had to let me know about the controversy over FFG's license loss with Blizzard.  Had he not clued me into the goings on I probably would not have heard about it until after the remaining stock was already gone.

So I gave in to the pressure.  The idea that a decent game that I've enjoyed in the past and lamented it's departure from my collection would be going OOP forever was just too much to bear.

So I broke down and purchased World of Warcraft: The Boardgame and the Shadow of War expansion (again).  Honestly I'm glad I did it.  I just know that sooner or later I would end up wanting the game again enough to try to purchase it only to find that the only copies available are used with asking prices well beyond what I'd be interested in paying.

Now I just need to add the Burning Crusade expansion to my library also.

Thanks a lot Mark, it's all your fault!

Corporate Arrogance and Licensing Tribulations

So it seems that the license for Warcraft that Fantasy Flight Games had with Blizzard has expired.

Licenses expire all the time and so this isn't a bad thing by itself.  But the disturbing repercussions of it are that all trace of the several games FFG did under that license, their expansions, the support files (FAQ's, rules, etc.) and even all community content (forums) have been completely eradicated from FFG's website.  This is pretty disheartening.

Whenever there is an information hole around any given topic, people are going to quickly try to fill it on their own, from wild speculation to thoughtful analysis.  While honestly there can be any number of possible explanations, the current view that seems to have the most traction is that this was a dick move by Blizzard.  I personally believe this to be the case.  Blizzard has grown more and more arrogant over the years and that "shit-don't-stink" attitude can easily translate into actions that, from a base line money making business stand point make sense, really are just asshole moves that piss off or otherwise alienate a portion of their customers.

I can completely accept that Blizzard has the right and the might to demand a sizable amount of coin for any license for their 800 pound gorilla WoW.  It's practically a license to print money.  I wouldn't bat an eye if I found out that the reason the license wasn't renewed with FFG was because Blizzard wanted too much money.  It's Blizzards IP and they can ask for however much money they feel it's worth.  The loss of the license is really no cause for concern (unless you are a hard core fan boy I guess).

But what possible reason could there be to cause FFG to suddenly erase all trace of the games from their website?  It doesn't make any business sense to do so.  There are a lot of current and potentially even new owners of the game (as the currently held stock gets sold) who are going to want access to the support documentation, read old threads about the game etc.  FFG is pretty good about supporting it's large range of games and so I can't think of a single reason that, of their own accord, they would remove all that content.

So the only other option is that Blizzard made them.  But why would Blizzard do that?  My theory is that some marketing dipshit decided that, without the renewal with FFG, they were going to shop the license to some other publishers and being the license that it is they probably assume someone is going to pick it up.  So why have any internet searches potentially hit FFG rather than the new publisher right?

Let's look at this in a little depth.  First, who besides FFG would be interested in and capable of picking up such a lucrative (and expensive) license?  Honestly there is only really one company who could and that's Hasbro/WotC.  Personally I would lament them getting the license but that's a topic for another day.  None of the other major board game publishers are likely to be interested let alone have the capital to purchase such a license.  So lets say that for the sake of argument Hasbro picks it up and publishes a few new titles.  How would eradicating FFG's content help them at all?  The boardgame community is a fairly small one and most everyone is going to know the difference between Hasbro and FFG.  It won't be hard to find support for the different games even for people who don't know the difference so forcing FFG to dump so much good content is nothing less than sheer arrogance.

Mark first told me about this last night as he had noticed I had World of Warcraft: The Board Game in my collections (it's actually a previously owned flag as I sold it last year) and mentioned this development to me regarding it.  While I occasionally regret having sold the game now I'm really torn about it.  On the one hand my reasons for getting rid of it were, at least at the time, good ones.  But since then I've occasionally wished I hadn't and had even thought about buying it again.  It IS a fun game (at least with the Shadow of War expansion it is).  So do I buy it again since it's eventually going to be OOP?

I will say that if I do, it is likely to be the last thing I buy with the Blizzard logo.  Unless some information comes out that Blizzard had no part in the content being removed I have to assume they were the catalyst as it's the most likely explanation.  I had planned on picking up Diablo III when it comes out but now I'm feeling like giving money to a company whose dickishness has gone this far is out of the question.

Warhammer Night at Ancient Wonders

Last night was pretty quiet.  Two of our regulars, Tom and Neil, were no shows and John was busy being a filthy round baser (40k) in the other room.

Meanwhile Darron and Eric had a game of Uncharted Seas, while Jeremy and I worked on our respective Warriors of Chaos figures.

I did get to watch a little of Mark and Mike, two of our boardgame night regulars, playing a game of Call of Cthulhu LCG which just looks fantastic.  I've been eyeballing the Warhammer LCG for some time now and reviews of it have pushed it up my wishlist.  I'm hoping to get in a game of the CoC version with Mark at some point.  I have no doubt it will be added to my (already overloaded) wishlist.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goals Update

I figured a good way to keep up on my goals is to do periodic updates.  Right now I'm thinking I will update after the end of each month.  I may do additional updates when/if I complete larger scale goals.

So here are the things that I completed or made progress on in January.  Note that things I have done nothing with I'm removing for the updates.

General Hobby Stuff

  • Get my new game table mats cut to size - DONE
  • NEW: I got a taller, rolling workbench and some cabinets from my parents who are moving and so I'm going to be rearranging my gaming room to utilize these new items (hopefully).  I plan on photographing this process for posting here.

General Gaming
  • Get in at least one board game and one table top miniature game a week with my son Jackson.
     I've gotten in several board games with Jackson but this past week marked the first time we would have been able to get a miniatures game in (now that my table mats have been cut to size).  We were going to get in a game yesterday but it didn't work out.  This week I think we will cover both.

  • More solo gaming to fill the void
    This has actually been working out pretty well.  I've played several solo games of Labyrinth and Runebound and I have Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm on their way to me which will mean even more solo play.

  • Work with George to build a BGG guild for Ancient Wonders 
   The guild has been created and is simply waiting on a Geek Mod to approve it.


  • Participate in Glen's Traveler and Pathfinder games.
   This should be happening here very soon.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Hopefully the groups will not be full of power gamers like in the past.  Why do so many people get into roleplaying and only care about the math in the books?  It's called ROLE PLAYING for a reason.

  • Keep up with WFRP 3rd ed. releases.
   This is going to be tough this year.  With the release of the base line books as an alternate product to the main box starter set there is a whole slew of products out of the gate.  Right now I'm going to hold off on the new Player and Game Master Guides & Vaults and get only the Creature Guide, Creature Vault and  The Witch's Song adventure pack.  I will pick up the other guides and vaults eventually, if for no other reason than to have enough components for larger groups and the convenience of the hard back guides.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Finish basing my Nurgle Warriors of Chaos, get them primed and start painting.
   This is going fairly slowly.  As mentioned above, I've gotten a new workbench and some new cabinets and so my game room is going to be rearranged which will push this back some more.

Board Gaming
  • Get at least one play in this year for each game I own.
   This is going really well with 16 different games played from my collection in January.  There will be games that will be a serious challenge to get a play in but even if I don't manage to do so for every game in my collection, trying to do it is the worthy part.

   This is also going pretty well.  I don't think I've missed one in the past several weeks.  I am not bothering with play length right now and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.  Time will tell.

  • Rate and comment on every game in my collection. 
   Slow going here.  I do want to get this done however as I want it complete so I can take on the next goal which I'm adding:

  • NEW: Write a review for every game in my collection, with one created each week.
   I have reviews written for four of my games already and have started to establish a format.  However I will be adjusting as time goes on to try to find the sweet spot for my reviews in terms of content and length.

  • Add at least one game from my wishlist to my collection each month.
  I managed to add several wishlist games to my collection in January and already have three added in February also.

  • Make it to board game night at Ancient Wonders at least once a month.
   So far so good.  Made it to one in January and I'm going tonight so February is covered.  Honestly I enjoy gaming at AW generally speaking and it would be very easy for me to commit to a majority of times if it weren't for the drive.  It's about a 45 minute drive (without traffic) one way and so it can be a bit frustrating sometimes.  Usually if I'm not going this is the reason why.

That's the update so far.  As I said I will do a new update at the beginning of each month to recap my progress in the prior month.  Also if I do anything major goal wise I will post more frequently.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Board Game Night at Ancient Wonders

Had another great night at my FLGS last night.  The usual suspects were there and we ended up playing 7 Wonders multiple times.  I even won one round!

Alas I had to leave after our third game just as everyone else was setting up for Dixit, a game I would really love to try someday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ever wonder why so few women are into gaming?

How many of you have seen the following:

Setting; your FLGS on any given day.

The Cast; A store full of gamers, all male, rambling on about their favorite geeky hobby.

The Catalyst; A woman enters.

The Event; A gaggle of love sick nerds fall all over themselves to keep her in line of sight while simultaneously trying to act like it's no big deal.

Seriously, if anything with breasts walks through the front door of my FLGS I would say at least half of the population start acting like she's the one they've been waiting for.

Now in and of itself this isn't that big of a deal.  I'm sure it happens all over the place in a variety of situations and I don't blame them per se.  But then there are the ones who take it just a tad too far.

This past Saturday my FLGS had an Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer event that included handing out a really cool promo card.  One pair of the participants to this event were a husband and wife.

The wife, we'll call her Marsha, was an attractive middle age woman who was very nice and a fun opponent (I played her in the first and last rounds of the event).  She did, however have one particular endowment that ensured she would be oogled by every man and boy that had the chance, she had enormous breasts.  I mean huge.  And she wore a rather tight, white, some-what low cut shirt.  Nothing really ostentatious, just something that called a little more attention to her chest than she probably realised.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a boob man, just ask my wife.  But I also try to be a gentleman.  Sure I'll notice, I may even stare from time to time (though generally this is just reflex IMO).  But I still try to be a gentleman.  Particularly when I'm engaged in conversation or activity with the woman in question.  When playing against her I tried to make sure I was focused on the cards in play or in my hand.  There was the occasional stray (I'm a man remember?) but I really tried not to embarrass myself or her.  Particularly for the second game where my son was also playing.

Ah, if only gentlemanly behaviour were more universal.  You see there was another person in the game room with us, we'll call him Al the Dinosaur Man (it's an inside joke).  Now Al walked in, sat down at the table adjacent to ours and then immediately recognized a member of the opposite sex.  But since he had the same orientation as her he couldn't really look at her without being blatantly obvious.  Switching table sides would have been the same thing as putting up a neon sign that said "I'm moving so I can stare at your tits lady."

So you would think that he would realize that the only decent thing to do was accept his fate and steal the occasional glance.   But you would be wrong.  You see, Al is pretty hard up I guess so he spent most of his time hovering over our table, particularly on her side and right behind her shoulder.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was copping every view he could of her cleavage.  What's worse, he was in full view of her husband.  I couldn't see the husband to know his reaction but I doubt it would have been anything other than annoyance (jealously certainly wouldn't have entered in, Al is a super dork).

Like I said, I'm a boob man, and she had nice ones.  But so what?  If you live in any reasonably sized city you are going to see huge boobs everywhere.  Does that mean you have to stare and be rude?  Seriously, if you are that hard up to see some breasts, throwing "tit images" into Google will probably take care of you.

I'm realistic.  Guys are going to look at women' breasts.  It's the nature of things.  I don't even think of it as a bad thing.  I'm reminded of a scene in the movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, where the protagonist was addressing his rather well endowed assistant, all the while staring rather blatantly at her chest.  She waits for him to finish and then says, "How about you look me in the eye when you are talking to me?".  To which he responds, "I can't, those....".  I do honestly think that woman should take the general glance at their chest as a compliment because I think that 99% of the time that's exactly what it's meant to be.  I think the vast majority of the men in this world are not pigs, we just like women.

HOWEVER, there is a clear divide between appreciating the body of any one particular woman and being a total pervert.  Dinosaur Man was being a perv.  Plain and simple.  There really was no excuse for how he acted.  When I was telling my wife about what happened, it struck me that I probably should have said something to Al about it.  Maybe not right then and there, I'm not heartless and despite how annoying he can be I wouldn't want to purposely put him down or embarrass him.  But after the fact a word or two along the lines of "Dude, be a gentleman." may have been in order.

Next time you are in your FLGS and a woman walks in, make sure you act like a gentleman, and make sure the other nerds do too.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Night

Thursday is our regular Family Night and that usually means game play with as many as possible.

Tonight was me, Jackson (13), Sara (10) and Emily (7).  Sara wanted to play Apples to Apples Junior and I knew Emily would want to as well.  While I don't care for the game (or the adult version) that much it can still be enjoyable, especially when the kids are having fun.

We played it twice with me winning the first time and Jackson the second.  The really great thing was seeing how far Emily has come on the reading front, needing far less help now then in days past playing this.

Death to the Traitor!

Got in a game of Horus Heresy last night against Jeremy.  It was his first time playing and only my second.

Jeremy took the traitors and I played the loyalists.   Having only played the Traitors myself I was surprised to find that one of the starting orders cards the loyalists get is "Boarding Action" which allows the player to move any number of units and heroes from a single palace section to the Vengeful Spirit, Horus' command ship.  I had expected that card to be buried in the order deck.  So I figured what the heck I'll go for the throat since one of the winning conditions is the death of either Horus or the Emperor.

We fought several battles between Horus and the Emperor and their retinues aboard the Vengeful Spirit, each time putting more and more damage on the respective leaders.  In one of the final rounds I had drawn a card that would allow me to heal the Emperor for three points, but I had failed to remember that we had a limited number of turns in that combat and failed to play it (which meant I lost it).

In the next round of combat we fought, with both the Emperor and Horus a mere three health from death I thought for sure I had bungled my way to a loss by failing to play the healing card in the previous combat.  But, as luck would have it, Jeremy was just as big of a bungler as me and played the wrong pair of cards and so only did two damage to the Emperor (despite the fact that he had the proper cards to do three and win) allowing me to follow up with three damage to Horus in the next combat iteration and win the game.

Realistically though it wouldn't have mattered either way as, win or lose, I had fun playing the game and it taught us both a lot of good lessons for future games.

I plan on doing a full review of the game for both here and BGG in the very near future.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The State of my Gaming

I've been pretty happy lately because I've gotten a lot of gaming in, including some gaming with my kids and as part of the board game group at my local FLGS.

You may notice that I've added a BGG widget that shows my most recently played games with links to the game (the image and name) and the play details (the date).  I'm trying to make sure I'm recording details on games in BGG though I know I've missed a couple already.

Note that currently the BGG Recently Played widget has a bug that causes every other entries link to the play details to be wrong.  If you really care about the play details of any game that I log you can easily see the entire log of my plays via this link.  Fixed.

Probably the most important of the recent games were:

1. Playing 7 Wonders for the first time.  This was at Ancient Wonders regular Monday Night Board Gaming activity and it was a blast!  7 Wonders is a game that was already on my wish list because; a) it has a really cool theme, b) it has great looking components, c) people who's opinion on boardgames I respect have raved about it.  But now having played it I can say without a doubt that as soon as I'm able I will be picking up my own copy.  I got totally creamed in this game coming in last with six players but I didn't care, it was incredibly fun.   There is a great G.K. Chesterson quote regarding this, "You never enjoy a game till you enjoy being beaten at the game.".

2. Getting in a game of Warhammer 40K with my friend Jeremy.  I rarely play 40k.  It's not the worst game in the world but it's not all that great either.  I've expressed my frustrations with the current (5th) edition already.  Luckily it can be a fun game regardless of its short-comings IF you have a good opponent.  Jeremy is fun to play against, is very knowledgeable about the game and is very good at it.  In fact, while I only lost by one kill point, it really would have been worse for me had I not had some superb luck in the first turn.  Killing his Demon Prince and wiping out his entire unit of Thousand Sons with my five Lightning Claw Terminators made a big difference for the rest of the game.

3. Having my daughter Emily and son Jackson play a game of Agricola with me.  Emily of course had no idea what she was doing but she had a lot of fun and that is frankly all that matters.  I'm hoping this will mean more gaming interest from my kids in the future.