Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessed be Papa Nurgle for He Has Saved Me

Well I'm back. It only took two years of turmoil but that's life.

There has been a lot of changes in that time. Our group has added a few new members with Jeremy and John. Darron has changed to swing shift so he doesn't get to show but rarely which really sucks. We are making due however.

8th Edition WHFB is out now and we are starting to absorb it slowly. So far so good. Still not sure about it myself. I'll do a full review once I've gotten a better handle on it.

I have committed to go to the 2011 OFCC tournament. A quick look through the sordid history of this blog will reveal that I was slated to go to one in the past too... Well that got messed up by GW's Mat Ward (curse you forever) and his new Demon army book.

Regardless I am determined to make it this time. To that end I have a play test list ready and I've started working on the army so it will be ready in time. I'll post pictures of it's current, incomplete and unpainted state and do (hopefully) regular updates of my progress on it.

For now here is the list I intend to take. Note that we are currently under the assumption that the point level for the tourny will be 2500 but that is not official yet so things may change.

I made the decision to put fluff as the priority so all units meet Nurgle's sacred number of seven. (Note that the BSB and Sorc go into the two warrior units for 21). I will be running these units seven wide also! Yes, I do love Papa Nurgle. Because Papa Nurgle loves me.

2500 Pts - Warriors of Chaos Roster - Delicious Pustules

Heretus Scabgrabber, Exalted Hero of Nurgle @ 196 pts (General; MoN; Shield)
Chaos Steed
Gold Sigil Sword
Talisman of Endurance

Argen the Poxed, Exalted Hero of Nurlge Battle Standard Bearer @ 205 pts (MoN; BSB)
Charmed Shield
Talisman of Preservation

Zygen Pusbelly, Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle @ 175 pts (MoN; Lvl 2)
Power Familiar
Seed of Rebirth

Leprous Invaders, 20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 378 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Shield)
Banner of Eternal Flame

Rotted Legionnaires, 20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle @ 368 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Shield)

Puss Gobblers, 21 Chaos Marauders @ 117 pts (Mus; Std; Great Weapon)

Zygens Mutts, 7 Chaos Warhounds @ 42 pts

Heretus' Guardians , 6 Chaos Knights of Nurlge @ 320 pts (MoNurgle; Mus; Std; Shield)
Rupturing Standard

Heretus' Preferred Pestilence, 14 Chosen of Nurgle @ 361 pts (MoN; Mus; Std; Halberd)
Banner of Rage

Mar on the Countryside, 1 Chaos Warshrine @ 130 pts

Bile Spewer, 1 Hellcannon @ 205 pts

Total Roster Cost: 2497