Monday, September 1, 2008

Movies I just saw

I stopped posting to my blog for a reason. You see, I could blather on all day about a whole variety of topics but it would just mean that many more words being blasted into the void known as the intrawebs and frankly I still can't get over the whole pretentious factor with them. It makes me feel kinda dirty (and not in a good way). But to hell with it. I've read far worse crap then what I'm posting and frankly I just don't care anymore. So without further ado, please rejoice in my latest movie reviews!

1. Batman, The Dark Knight - AWESOME! Seriously if you haven't seen this movie then you suck, period.

2. Tropic Thunder - So damn stupid it was funny. There was some dull times sure, but I love a lot of the over-the-top humor style movies like this one. Rental bait at the very least. Be warned it's crude and has some seriously gross scenes (Monty Python gross, not slasher film gross).

Back to your lives now people.


Cristin said...

oh man I suck! I still haven't seen Batman... :( But I say 2 thumbs up to Tropic Thunder...FUNNY!

Warriorcats said...
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