Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Game Night Feb 20, 2008

No camera for tonights gaming unfortunately but I probably wouldn't have bothered anyway. Not because there wasn't games worth grabbing pics of, but because I had to use all my time to focus on my game.

Tom was by for the first time in a while and so he and I had a game of DBA. Since my Spartans are still sitting on the bench he had to settle for playing my Athenians and I took Alexander. Tom always gives me a challenging game. He doesn't leave me any openings and so I have to earn everything I get from him (or hope he has crappy dice luck, which does happen a little too often for the poor guy to be honest). Tonight I got a solid victory but it was hard work and I had to think about every single PIP I spent. Thanks for the great game Tom!

Tom had a really awesome game of Warhammer warbands using his Khorne army against Darrons Ogres. It didn't look too good for Tom in the beginning but his Champion of Khorne, despite losing Frenzy, pulled a win out for him in the end. The game was a spectacle and a half I can tell you. Better luck next time Darron.

All in all a good gaming night.

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