Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Game Night Jan 2, 2008

Tonight saw a rematch of the mighty Macedonians versus the Persians at the request of one of our game night regulars, Tom. This was only our second game of WAB in the group and we are starting to get a better handle on it, particularly it's rather interesting differences from WHFB which we are all very familiar with.

The Implacable Tom

Now Tom is about to be absent from our regular gaming night for quite a while as his job has a new contract in California. So, being the gentleman that I am I allowed him to select which army he wished to general. Let me be the first to tell you what a giant mistake this was! Tom, of course, selected Alexander. And low and behold I lost to them again... (This is the point where you feel sorry for me folks.) The worst part is that Tom is a much better general than I am to begin with, I needed the more powerful Macedonians on my side!

Seriously though it was a fun game and Tom is always an enjoyable opponent who gives a challenging game. Here are a few pictures from the battle. I didn't take notes and I'm really not up for another long-winded battle report anyway. Suffice it to say that my plan to disrupt his line with either shooting from all my skirmishers or to punch a hole with my heavy cavalry did not go so well. The Macedonian army is rock hard.

The two armies move to engage

I know what you are thinking.. "Those armies look rather plain.". You're right of course, I just barely completed building them last week and I haven't gotten the initiative to paint them yet. Some day though, I promise. The terrain is rather sparse as none of us brought our terrain and the store we play at has had all it's good terrain stolen by jerks over the past years. But we make do.

Another thing you may have noticed is that these are all 1/72 scale plastics. I absolutely love these things. Yes they have many drawbacks but many virtues also. I plan to do a post in the near future with my opinions on using these miniatures in gaming.

The final hour for the Persians

I used the Later Achemedian Persians list from the v1.5 WAB rule book (which is the same list as in the Armies of Antiquity book) and I am starting to think that I should probably review the list from the Alexander the Great book to see if it gives the Persians a slightly better chance against Alexander. The main reason I didn't do this right away is because it does not support the Sparabara formation which I built several units as. By the time Darius faced Alexander the Sparabara had been phased out so my Persian army isn't really historically accurate for this fight but I really like the Spara option.

Regardless, the Macedonian army is incredibly tough with several large blocks of Phalangites, a Companion Cavalry unit, a Thracian Cavalry unit, a Mercenary Hoplite unit (with many of the same benefits that the Phalangites enjoy), some very good light infantry and then the Oracle points on top of it all. Still in all it was a fun game and I look forward to more WAB in the future.

I would be remiss without putting a face to a few of the other regulars in my gaming group. Plus I never would skip a chance to strike absolute horror and revulsion in my readership with such frightening pictures! ;-P

Darron the Mighty (or Annoying, depending)

Eric a.k.a. Mr. Grabby-Hands

Another regular, Neil, wasn't able to come so I will save his image (most vile) for another day.

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