Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finally, DBA is on the way!

Over the holidays Darron and myself have been trying like crazy to get the current DBA rulebook ordered. But we were getting the same story from every place we tried, that the book was out of print and there was no news on a new print run from WRG. Needless to say we were both getting a bit worried about being able to get a copy.

Luckily I found that WarWeb still had eight copies on hand! PHEW!

So hopefully by this Saturday or Monday at the latest we will finally have the rules. We have only played DBA once, a few weeks ago when Tom introduced it to us. While the rulebook is absolutely atrociously written, the game is really really good. Enter WADBAG (The Wasthington Area DBA Group) with their fantastic "The Unofficial Guide to DBA" which is what the DBA rules should have been like in the first place I don't mind saying. I simply can't wait for the DBA rules to arrive at my door and am looking forward to playing it more.

Now if we could just find someone with WRG's HOTT rules in stock as it seems to be suffering the same fate at the moment!

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