Sunday, January 6, 2008

DBA Macedonians - First Elements

I decided to tackle painting my DBA Macedonian army by element. I have to say that I did not like the dip method at all. The result too heavily subdued the paint below. This required me to essentially reapply the primary colors. While this resulted in a decent looking miniature it was at the expense of basically painting it twice.

At this point I decided to go back to my usual method of block painting and dry brushing. I rarely ever highlight (beyond simple dry brushing at any rate) as it adds little to the table top view of the miniature but does nearly double the amount of work.

I have never been overly pleased with my painting skills but I feel that my work is good enough for game play. Here is a couple of shots of my first two elements of Phalangites.

All of these miniatures are from Zvezda

The Phalangite on the far left was done with the dip method.

I apologize for the weird orange semi-circle at the bottom of these shots. It is actually the shadow of the lens from the flash. I hope to build a light tent (I think that's what is called) to improve my pictures in the future.

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Norradf said...

Very nice. Did you dip these? They do not look like you have and I am thankful for that. Most dipped armies do not turn out so well.

Arent you suppossed to be painting Nurgle Deamonic Legion???