Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ancients Take Over

Despite really needing to work on my Nurgle Demonic Legion army I have instead spent the last few weeks working on my ancients armies. Particularly I finished building my WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) Alexander the Great army and am now building out a DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) Alexander army.

Last week I had a game of WAB with Darron, him playing my Macedonians and me playing my Achemedian Persians. As was bore in history so it was on the table top with Alexander firmly crushing the Persians. Another gamer in our group, Tom, wants the same match up this week so tomorrow will be another Greek vs. Persia WAB battle. This time I will take my camera and get some pictures of the game.


Mike said...

Looking forward to seeing your Alexandrian DBA efforts.

Larry said...

Thanks Mike, you will get your wish as I think I'm going to document my progress with that army on my blog. I would appreciate your views on my work as I progress too if you get the chance.