Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 and 2008

Several of my favorite bloggers have done "2007 Year in Review - 2008 Goals" posts that I thoroughly enjoyed. It inspired me to follow suit with my own humble offering.

The past year has been a rather poor one for me on the gaming front. I allowed myself to be drawn away from it all by the PC game World of Warcraft (a.k.a. World of Warcrack). I made some really great friends there and I enjoyed the game. But events transpired that reminded me where my real love was, the table top, so with renewed vigor I got back into miniatures wargaming.

I will say that the main thing I got accomplished last year was to build my 1/72 plastic Alexander the Great army for WAB and to start one for DBA. I also rounded out my Nurgle Demonic Legion army and reconfigured it for the latest version of WHFB.

I also found Neal Shuck's "Meeples & Miniatures" podcast, which I absolutely love.

I've never been much of a goals oriented person but I can see the value in trying to set at least a few realistic goals for myself even for just the hobby part of my life. So I think these will do for now:
  • Complete my Alexander the Great DBA army (meaning completely painted)
  • Plan other DBA armies in 1/72 plastics. I've already got Greek Hoplites on the way, and Early Imperial Romans waiting!
  • Work on the miniatures to fill the OOB for Fuentes de OƱoro for the game Grand Armee. This was a project I started (in 1/72 plastics) before I got into WOW and I really would like to finish it. There are a number of difficulties that have to be overcome however and I'm not sure just yet how to proceed, but eventually it will get done.
  • Get my Nurgle Demonic Legion army painted. In fact I need to paint WAY WAY more than I have in the past, I have lots of plastic and lead wanting paint.
  • Game with my son more. In the past I have always felt that he was too young to really appreciate gaming at this level, but frankly playing more will change this and he deserves the time with me.
  • Read more history. For Christmas my in-laws got me two books from my Amazon wish list, one on the Duke of Wellington and one on Lord Nelson (two of the greatest men in history as far as I am concerned). Both are simply wonderful books and I plan to add to my historical library heavily this year.
  • Explore more podcasts. My daily commute has been greatly improved with Meeples and Miniatures but sooner or later I will be caught up and then waiting for additional episodes. Hopefully some of the other gaming podcasts can live up to the standard set by Neal.


Anonymous said...

Larry. Great blog. It will be great to see some of your figs painted. Don't worry about they way they may turn out. The important thing is to get started and let your skills begin the evolution needed to get you to where you are. Believe me from someone who hates to paint. My painting is better than 2 years because I started on the path. You will get so much more out of your gaming once you get them painted. Get you mates and even your son to help you.

Larry said...

Thanks David for your comment (I love your Blog btw).

I do paint, just sporadicly. But you're right of course, just getting stuck in and getting it done is the thing to do. My big problem is that it is way easier to buy, build and play with miniatures than it is to paint them (for me anyway)!

Stay tuned though, I think I am going to document my painting progress on my Macedonian DBA army on my blog.

Dogui said...

Hey Larry, thanks for your comment. Now that the holidays are over I will get back to work. I will be finishing the carthaginian army and have a macedonian on the way :)

Keep up the excellent blog!