Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game Night Jan 23, 2008

Last night was a rematch of last weeks DBA game between Darron and I. He with my Athenians (II/5b) and me with Alexanderian Macedonians (II/12). Last week I won, but this week after a lot of pushing and shoving on the table he managed to kill my general and then essentially surround a lone phalanx pair and destroyed them for the win. It was a fun game but very long, Darron and I are still getting used to the DBA rules and we encountered several situations that were not clearly covered.

The two armies move to engage.

The beginning of the end.

Game night regular Neil finally decided to show his face again so without further ado, here it is in all it's hideousness.

Get a haircut, HIPPY!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DBA Athenians - Foot Troops Complete

I've completed all the foot elements for my Athenian DBA army. I only have a cavalry and light horse stand left to do in order to complete the army.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

DBA Athenians

With the completion of my Alexandrian Macedonian army I have started working on an Athenian DBA army (II/5b). Here is a pic of my generals element, though it still needs to have it's base painted and flocked.

My progress on this army isn't as fast as the Macedonians mainly because of the lack of uniformity of color. But my goal is to have them done by next Wednesdays game night.

Monday, January 14, 2008

DBA Macedonians - Complete!

I finally finished my Macedonians! Now I will start working on my Athenians/Thebans.

Here are some pictures of the completed army. They aren't very good as I still haven't quite figured out how to take good pictures with the new camera we got last year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Game Night Jan 9, 2008

Tonight was Warhammer warbands for our escalation league. Alas my 500 points of Nurgle Demonic Legion couldn't quite get the job done against either Darron's Ogre Kingdoms or Eric's Dwarves. Some armies just don't do as well at the lower points levels and unfortunately both my favorite armies, Nurgle and Tomb Kings, suffer from this problem. Still it was fun to get some games in and talk with friends about gaming and miniatures.

Next week Darron and I are going to try to play some DBA games in addition to warbands and I'm looking forward to that.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

DBA Macedonians - First Elements

I decided to tackle painting my DBA Macedonian army by element. I have to say that I did not like the dip method at all. The result too heavily subdued the paint below. This required me to essentially reapply the primary colors. While this resulted in a decent looking miniature it was at the expense of basically painting it twice.

At this point I decided to go back to my usual method of block painting and dry brushing. I rarely ever highlight (beyond simple dry brushing at any rate) as it adds little to the table top view of the miniature but does nearly double the amount of work.

I have never been overly pleased with my painting skills but I feel that my work is good enough for game play. Here is a couple of shots of my first two elements of Phalangites.

All of these miniatures are from Zvezda

The Phalangite on the far left was done with the dip method.

I apologize for the weird orange semi-circle at the bottom of these shots. It is actually the shadow of the lens from the flash. I hope to build a light tent (I think that's what is called) to improve my pictures in the future.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

DBA Macedonians - Primered

The second stage of preparation for my Alexanderian Macedonian DBA army is now complete.

I decided to use a completely new method for painting this army. Usually I primer my miniatures black and use a combination of block and dry-bushing. This time I decided to use white primer, straight block painting and then the famous "Miracle" dip method for the first time.

In other news I got my copy of DBA in the mail yesterday and am eager to start playing in earnest. As soon as my new Greeks and Persians arrive I will get some good rival armies built and then my son and I can get some games in.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 and 2008

Several of my favorite bloggers have done "2007 Year in Review - 2008 Goals" posts that I thoroughly enjoyed. It inspired me to follow suit with my own humble offering.

The past year has been a rather poor one for me on the gaming front. I allowed myself to be drawn away from it all by the PC game World of Warcraft (a.k.a. World of Warcrack). I made some really great friends there and I enjoyed the game. But events transpired that reminded me where my real love was, the table top, so with renewed vigor I got back into miniatures wargaming.

I will say that the main thing I got accomplished last year was to build my 1/72 plastic Alexander the Great army for WAB and to start one for DBA. I also rounded out my Nurgle Demonic Legion army and reconfigured it for the latest version of WHFB.

I also found Neal Shuck's "Meeples & Miniatures" podcast, which I absolutely love.

I've never been much of a goals oriented person but I can see the value in trying to set at least a few realistic goals for myself even for just the hobby part of my life. So I think these will do for now:
  • Complete my Alexander the Great DBA army (meaning completely painted)
  • Plan other DBA armies in 1/72 plastics. I've already got Greek Hoplites on the way, and Early Imperial Romans waiting!
  • Work on the miniatures to fill the OOB for Fuentes de OƱoro for the game Grand Armee. This was a project I started (in 1/72 plastics) before I got into WOW and I really would like to finish it. There are a number of difficulties that have to be overcome however and I'm not sure just yet how to proceed, but eventually it will get done.
  • Get my Nurgle Demonic Legion army painted. In fact I need to paint WAY WAY more than I have in the past, I have lots of plastic and lead wanting paint.
  • Game with my son more. In the past I have always felt that he was too young to really appreciate gaming at this level, but frankly playing more will change this and he deserves the time with me.
  • Read more history. For Christmas my in-laws got me two books from my Amazon wish list, one on the Duke of Wellington and one on Lord Nelson (two of the greatest men in history as far as I am concerned). Both are simply wonderful books and I plan to add to my historical library heavily this year.
  • Explore more podcasts. My daily commute has been greatly improved with Meeples and Miniatures but sooner or later I will be caught up and then waiting for additional episodes. Hopefully some of the other gaming podcasts can live up to the standard set by Neal.

Finally, DBA is on the way!

Over the holidays Darron and myself have been trying like crazy to get the current DBA rulebook ordered. But we were getting the same story from every place we tried, that the book was out of print and there was no news on a new print run from WRG. Needless to say we were both getting a bit worried about being able to get a copy.

Luckily I found that WarWeb still had eight copies on hand! PHEW!

So hopefully by this Saturday or Monday at the latest we will finally have the rules. We have only played DBA once, a few weeks ago when Tom introduced it to us. While the rulebook is absolutely atrociously written, the game is really really good. Enter WADBAG (The Wasthington Area DBA Group) with their fantastic "The Unofficial Guide to DBA" which is what the DBA rules should have been like in the first place I don't mind saying. I simply can't wait for the DBA rules to arrive at my door and am looking forward to playing it more.

Now if we could just find someone with WRG's HOTT rules in stock as it seems to be suffering the same fate at the moment!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Game Night Jan 2, 2008

Tonight saw a rematch of the mighty Macedonians versus the Persians at the request of one of our game night regulars, Tom. This was only our second game of WAB in the group and we are starting to get a better handle on it, particularly it's rather interesting differences from WHFB which we are all very familiar with.

The Implacable Tom

Now Tom is about to be absent from our regular gaming night for quite a while as his job has a new contract in California. So, being the gentleman that I am I allowed him to select which army he wished to general. Let me be the first to tell you what a giant mistake this was! Tom, of course, selected Alexander. And low and behold I lost to them again... (This is the point where you feel sorry for me folks.) The worst part is that Tom is a much better general than I am to begin with, I needed the more powerful Macedonians on my side!

Seriously though it was a fun game and Tom is always an enjoyable opponent who gives a challenging game. Here are a few pictures from the battle. I didn't take notes and I'm really not up for another long-winded battle report anyway. Suffice it to say that my plan to disrupt his line with either shooting from all my skirmishers or to punch a hole with my heavy cavalry did not go so well. The Macedonian army is rock hard.

The two armies move to engage

I know what you are thinking.. "Those armies look rather plain.". You're right of course, I just barely completed building them last week and I haven't gotten the initiative to paint them yet. Some day though, I promise. The terrain is rather sparse as none of us brought our terrain and the store we play at has had all it's good terrain stolen by jerks over the past years. But we make do.

Another thing you may have noticed is that these are all 1/72 scale plastics. I absolutely love these things. Yes they have many drawbacks but many virtues also. I plan to do a post in the near future with my opinions on using these miniatures in gaming.

The final hour for the Persians

I used the Later Achemedian Persians list from the v1.5 WAB rule book (which is the same list as in the Armies of Antiquity book) and I am starting to think that I should probably review the list from the Alexander the Great book to see if it gives the Persians a slightly better chance against Alexander. The main reason I didn't do this right away is because it does not support the Sparabara formation which I built several units as. By the time Darius faced Alexander the Sparabara had been phased out so my Persian army isn't really historically accurate for this fight but I really like the Spara option.

Regardless, the Macedonian army is incredibly tough with several large blocks of Phalangites, a Companion Cavalry unit, a Thracian Cavalry unit, a Mercenary Hoplite unit (with many of the same benefits that the Phalangites enjoy), some very good light infantry and then the Oracle points on top of it all. Still in all it was a fun game and I look forward to more WAB in the future.

I would be remiss without putting a face to a few of the other regulars in my gaming group. Plus I never would skip a chance to strike absolute horror and revulsion in my readership with such frightening pictures! ;-P

Darron the Mighty (or Annoying, depending)

Eric a.k.a. Mr. Grabby-Hands

Another regular, Neil, wasn't able to come so I will save his image (most vile) for another day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ancients Take Over

Despite really needing to work on my Nurgle Demonic Legion army I have instead spent the last few weeks working on my ancients armies. Particularly I finished building my WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) Alexander the Great army and am now building out a DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) Alexander army.

Last week I had a game of WAB with Darron, him playing my Macedonians and me playing my Achemedian Persians. As was bore in history so it was on the table top with Alexander firmly crushing the Persians. Another gamer in our group, Tom, wants the same match up this week so tomorrow will be another Greek vs. Persia WAB battle. This time I will take my camera and get some pictures of the game.