Friday, December 14, 2007

The Current Projects

Wargaming is an ongoing hobby. There is always something to be done because I (like most in this hobby) suffer from SOS; Shiny Object Syndrome. The medical description for SOS is snooze inducing so I will summarize: "Oooooohhhhh, Shiny!" Followed with the sound of my credit card being swiped. The end result is a pile of lead that should keep me well alive in the event of nuclear attack.

For the moment however my bench has two primary projects upon it, both awaiting further TLC. The first, in the foreground, is my 10mm undead (Tomb King) Warmaster army. It's about 35ish% painted and I am currently painting my single (/sob) unit of chariots for next Wednesdays game.

The other larger and far more important project is my 28mm Demonic Legion of Nurgle Warhammer army which dominates the bulk of the workspace at the moment. I'm just finishing up the final touches and basing prior to primaring them and begin painting the 500 points I need to start my gaming groups upcoming warbands escalation league.

We usually do an escalation league each year in an effort to encourage our regular members to make progress on a specific army. The last time (and this upcoming time) were to help gear up for our big local team tournament that draws teams from as far afield as Vancouver BC and Idaho to participate. I opted out the first time our group did it because... Well that's a topic for another day. Suffice to say that I am determined to make my painting goals for this army so that I can participate in the 2008 tourney (despite my general dislike of gaming tournaments).

So that said, my goals for the moment are:

1. Finish painting my Warmaster Tomb King chariots and fix basing problems with the rest of that army for next Wednesdays regular gaming night.

2. Get my Nurgle army primared and the first 500 points painted to at least table top standards by Wednesday January 2nd, the first night of my gaming groups Warhammer escalation league.

In other words I should stop typing this stupid crap and get to work.


Cristin said...

zzzzzzzzzsnortzzzzzzzzz...wha...oh...hey cool blog.


Larry said...

Like I figured, gonna have to turn the comment moderation feature on... Keep the riff-raff out. ;-P

Cristin said...

Who you calling riff-raff????

ps. do I really have to do the word verification thing??? I mean really....

TimW8 said...

OK...First of all I'm a little nervous to leave this comment given the fact you'll have my login info...But what the heck. I'm a gambler! Here it is.

Do any of your activites involve sending "manifestos" to local newspapers to be "published or else..."

I Hope not.

Good luck with the whole blog thing. It's definatley a way of life for some people.

Larry said...

--OK...First of all I'm a little
--nervous to leave this comment
--given the fact you'll have my
--login info...But what the heck.
--I'm a gambler!"

Meh.. There is only so much entertainment in mixing up the order of your Amazon wish list so I'll just file your login info under 'Use in the case of extreme boredom.'

--Do any of your activites involve
--sending "manifestos" to local
--newspapers to be "published or

That largely depends on the "or else..." part. Surprisingly enough "or else I will enter your business in a speedo and caramel sauce" is not as inductive to receiving publishing promises (and therefore juicy royalties) as one might hope. It's a sad and morally declining world we live in apparently.

Amy Thurston said...

Does your gaming involved "guild meetings"? If it does, maybe you have met my husband, 50th level Saracen Sorcerer Myrmidon.

ajesplin said...

Does your game involve secret handshakes and "abort codes"?

ajesplin said...

Hmm, I posted my comment four times, somehow, so I deleted three, and left the original. Also, I'm interested in borrowing some of your wargamer pictures for an upcoming blog video I'm putting together... do you mind? I'm Cristin's cousin, Jenny, by the way.